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20 page detailed guide with helpful tips on building waterfalls and streams and connecting all the hardware up to the filter tank.

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Filtered Pump Chamber Located away from The Pond

Pond Kits from Berkey supply feature Filtrific Filter Tanks that are connected to unobtrusive skimmers in the pond. Most other pond skimmers on the market have to be located at the edge of the pond visually impairing the beauty of the water feature. Many times, the Filter tank is located 20 to 40 feet away in the landscape where it isn't noticed, or it is located in a mechanical room.

The Filter Tank can hold multiple pumps and switches and the durable stainless steel filter baskets offer multiple mesh sizes to choose from. The filter baskets are easily accessible through the top of the Filter Tank and all the hardware can be accessed by removing the Filter Tank lid and the boot that holds the filter baskets. All this servicing can be accomplished away from the edge of your water feature.

Water Movement

For clear water in a pond, start with great water movement in your pond.  For example, when you go walking in the woods notice how the water is clear where the water is flowing in a creek, but as soon as it gets to a place where it isn’t moving it gets stagnant.  To improve the water movement in a pond with a waterfall add some jets in the pond area to create a bubbling on the surface and create additional water movement. Also add a jet to any other areas in the pond where the water may sit and get stagnant. 

Our Hybri-Pond kits offer two pumps. One pump to run the stream and or waterfall and one pump to run the circulation jets. This way, when you want to turn the waterfall or stream off you will still have water movement in the pond.

Professional Products

Pond Kits from Berkey Supply feature the premier brand of Filtrific water feature equipment. The Filter Tanks and plastic accessories are built with 3/16-to-1/4-inch thick LLDPE plastic and have been installed in commercial grade water feature projects at corporate campuses such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook and many others. Filtrific water feature equipment has been installed in shopping centers, schools, zoos, office towers and countless residences across the country.

Filtrific Filter tank connections have built in ports and utilize heavy duty waterworks rubber couplings with stainless steel clamps for connecting the piping in and out of the filter Tanks. Installing a pond with Filtrific water feature equipment will be a permanent addition to your landscape providing you years of enjoyment.

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