5 Advantages Pond kit

Advantage #1:

Energy Efficient Pumping

Berkey Pond Kits provide an energy efficient alternative to the typical pond installed with a high-consumption sump pump. Each Berkey Pond Kit includes a wet-roter energy efficient pump. These pumps are not designed to pass large solids and require 6 mesh or smaller filtration for best performance. The power draw on these pumps is approx. half of comparable sump pumps with the same output.

Many pond designs incorporate a sizable waterfall or stream which flows into the pond. Berkey Hybri-Pond Kits include two pumps, one larger waterfall pump and a smaller circulation pump. Berkey Hybri-Pond Kits are designed with built-in on / off functionality which allows for the waterfall and stream pump to be turned off when unattended which results in significant energy savings. When the system is turned off, the water in transit is stored in the Filtered Pump Vault’s Built-In Reservoir.

Advantage #2:

Hidden Hardware

Many pond kits on the market include bulky skimmer boxes and obtrusive waterfall weirs which are very difficult to hide and produce a much less than natural looking waterscape.

Berkey Pond Kits include equipment which has been specifically designed to blend seamlessly into the landscape. Each product has been engineered for low visual impact and to withstand the weight demands of being covered up by heavy natural elements.

Advantage #3:

Easy Access to Filters & Pump

Debris captured in the built-in filters is easy to access for periodic cleaning by simply removing the access cap, pulling out the filters and emptying the debris. If access to the pump chamber is required, the entire lid can be unbolted and removed, exposing the entire pump chamber for easy mechanical access.

Advantage #4:

Fish Safe Skimming

For ponds with fish, Berkey Pond Kits provide superior protection against accidental inflow into the skimmer. Both the door and fixed skimmers can be outfitted with a fish guard which features easy grate removal as well as off the face positioning to accommodate large debris flows as needed.

Advantage #5:

Protected Pump Chamber

The Filtered Pump Vault features built-in filtration which removes debris from the in-flowing water before it reaches the pump(s) & equipment. This provides an optimal debris-free environment for pumps and pumping equipment to function.

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