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Our easy-to-build kits include most everything you need (except for the rock) to create a first class bubbling rock water feature that will provide years of trouble-free enjoyment. The high-strength filter tank is located outside the liner of the water feature to allow easy access to the filters, pump and other hardware. The water disappears into the filter tank when the pump is turned off. If you'd like a shallow pool around the base of the bubbling rocks that vanishes when the pump is off, choose the Artesian II or Artesian III with a fixed skimmer and greater water containment. Both will also accept many optional accessories such as an Autofill and a Low Water Pump Shut-off.

Sizing Guide

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Professional Installation

Berkey Supply Rock colum water feature kits are made for
professional grade installations.  Other plastic  fountain basins on the
market have significant disadvantages. 
The first is the heavy rocks sit on a plastic structure that may not be
very stable especially for heavy rocks. 
Do you really want heavy rocks sitting on a plastic grate?  They can be pushed around or pushed
over.  They just sit there.  The best approach ia to excavate a basin put
liner and fabric down.  Run your piping
and pour some concrete around the stones for a stable base and then fill up the
rest of the basin area with rocks.  Water
will flow up the rock column, run down the rock and into the gravel area.  From therre it will go through a skimmer into
a pipe going to a filter tank outside of the water feature located nearby or
farther away.  This is a professional
installation that is built to last.

Won't Clog Up

Plastic fountain basins don’t offer any filtriation so the
reservoir, and pump gets clogged up with debris over time.  If leaves get caught on the grate and plug it
up the water may start running out of the water feature.  In order to clean out the reservoir you have
to remove the grating on the fountain basin and maybe even remove the water
feature stone from the fountain basin.

Solid Construction

Another consideration is asthetics.  Do you really want a bubbling rock sitting on
plastic grates on top of a plastic basin? 
Wouldn’t you rather have bubbling rocks sitting in a rock bed that
blends into your landscape?  With a
Berkey Supply rock column kit you are provided with a fixeded skimmer that is
inside the water feature.  If you have
the level of the gravel or rock base lower that the level of the top of the
skimmer you can have a shallow pool when the waterr feature is running.  When the pump is turned off the water will
dissapear though a small hole drilled in the fixed skimmer below the gravel

Access for Autofill

Another issue with plastic fountain basins is attaching an autofill to the fountain basin. Depending on the fountain basin, probably the only way is to drill a hole though the side wall and use a tank adapter to connect the pipe to the basin. Then once again your autofill is also in the reservoir under the grates and also subject to plugging up.

Control Valves

A professional rock column water feature especially with multiple bubbling rocks should have a manifold on the outlet piping with a valve for each rock. This way the flow can be adjusted to the desired amount. This brings up another issue with the plastic fountain basin. Where are you going to put the control valves in the Foutain basin? Will they be accessible without pulling grates off the fountain basin. A professional rock column water feature will have control valves located outside of the water feature inside a valve box or if they are inside the water feature, they are located in a valve box in the gavel base.

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