Collection: Fountain kits

Remote Pump Vault

The Berkey Supply fountain kits all feature Filtrific Filter
tanks to hold the pump, hardware and filter baskets.  The Filter tank can be located remotely
either in a mechanical room somewhere else in the landscape when it will be
less visable.  No need to have a pump and
electrical cords sitting inside your fountain or concrete water feature.

Stainless Steel Filter Baskets

Stainless steel filter baskets in the filter tanks are
eaisily removed through the top access of the filter tank lid.  They can be washed out and put back in.  There are 4 different sizes of stainless
steel wire mesh to choose from for the filter element.  This keeps fountain nozzles from plugging up.

Metal Skimmers

Metal skimmers made out of 304 stainless steel are included
in many of the kits.  They feature a
rubber gasket that adjusts with the water flow to minimize water noise and they
include a grounding connection.  A heavy
duty rubber coupling connects to the piping and a custom waterstop is included to
stop water from flowing along the pipe through the concrete. The skimmers are
made to be cast into the concrete sides of the water feature as long as the
wall is at least 8 inches thick.

Flow Caps

Some of the fountain kits include flow caps that finishs off a vertical outflow pipe in a fountain. This can be used if it is not possible to pour a skimmer in the wall. The top of the pipe sets the water level in the fountain and the waterflows down the pipe and into a filter tank.

Professional Products

Filtrific products are your best choice for hardware when you are building a foutains or other concrete water features. With all the time and expense that goes into this type of water feature, you don’t want to go with inexpensive hardware.

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