Collection: Water Feature Installation Instructions

Click on the link below to download a vanishing water installation guide. This is also useful for rock column systems as well.


Click on the link below to download a Pond installation guide.


If you are building another type of water feature there is useful information in both of these guides as to installing many of the components.  If you go to the Filtrific site itself, each product has its own installation guide.  Click on the link below to go to the Filtrific product page:

Products (

Solid Connections

Simply cut off the port you will be accessing, run the pipe through and secure with solid flexible rubber coupling that have been used in plumbing and waterworks for decades.

Secure Liner Connections

A hole half the size of the pipe is cut through the liner and the rubber liner isstreatched around the pipe. A rubber collor with a stainless steel clamp is placed over the liner and the pipe to create a completely leak proof connection through the liner. No silicone glue and gaskets that have the potential to fail over time.

Water Storage

Heavy duty filter tanks with extra water storage capacity tanks securely connected together. You won't have to worry about leaks in in pits lined with rubber liner and filled with crates and rocks.

Heavy Duty Equipment

Filtrific Filter tanks and Extra capacity tanks are placed in utility rooms as well as placed below grade in the landscape. With multiple ports and connection options they provide a good option for pumps and switches and for containing water in motion when the water feature is turned off.

Metal Skimmers

Heavy duty metal skimmers can be cast into concrete walls. They set the water level and provide skimming for debris. Connections are made with heavy duty rubber couplings and waters tops are included to make sure water doesn't leak through the concrete around the pipes.

Access to Pumps

After the boot that holds the filter baskets is removed, you have complete access to the inside of the filter tank to install pumps, float switches and auto fills.

Professional Equipment

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knowledgeable staff with years of experience will be able to assist you.