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Sierra 3-WSP Large Waterfall and Stream Kit

Sierra 3-WSP Large Waterfall and Stream Kit

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A pooling finish is a crucial design element which greatly enhances the look of larger systems. With an optional pooling finish, the Sierra 3-WSP allows for a natural looking mountain stream which can be created with the design flexibility provided in this waterfall & stream kit.


Stream Size: 4 feet wide x 20 feet long


Vertical Drop: Up to 6 feet


Pooling Finish: 3" deep 25 sq. ft. pooling area


What is Vertical Drop? Vertical Drop is the combined height of the system's waterfalls. For example if the system has four two foot waterfalls the total vertical drop would be 8 feet.


Design Notes: The length of liner included with each kit is longer than the stream to account for vertical drop and turns in the stream channel.

The stream width of 2 feet mentioned above is the width of the stream channel before adding rock.

The gravel depth over the liner is based on 1-1/2 inch of gravel over the bottom of the liner.

The depth of water over the gravel will be approximately 3/4 of an inch. A valve to adjust water flow is included with each kit.


Sierra 3-WSP Kit Includes:

1 - Filtrific® T75F Filter Tank Reservoir

2 - Filtrific® T40SP Expansion Reservoir

2 - Filtrific® 10 Mesh Filter

1 - Filtrific® Fixed Skimmer

1 - Filtrific® Waterfall Starter

1 - Filtrific® Overflow Kit

1 - 3" Ball Valve

1 - 6" Valve pit

1 - 7,365 GPH Wet Rotor Pump Model F70-7300

1 - 2" PVC Flex Pipe (3" X 25')

1 - Firestone 45mil EPDM Liner (15' X 35')*

1- 8 OZ Underlayment (15' X 35')*

Misc. Pipe, Fittings & Cement



The liner and underlayment lengths included in Berkey Waterfall & Stream Kits is completely for use in the waterfall and stream area. None of the liner or underlayment is required to be devoted to the reservoir as with other systems.


System Sizing Help

Visit the waterfall & stream design guide for information on correctly sizing the water feature


Need Some Design Inspiration?

Visit the Photo Gallery to view an assortment of different installations varying in size and type

View full details

Add Accessories to Your Water Feature Kit

Pump shut off switches, autofill kits, skimmer hoods and grates, extra water storage capacity tanks

Customized Kits Call 800-959-8353

If you don't see a kit that fits your situation, call us and we can generate a custom kit for just what you need.

Filtered Pump Vault

Whether you are building, a backyard waterfall and
stream, or a pond, concrete fountain, a water wall, or a rock column water feature, make sure the reservoir or the pump won't clog up and fail like other pondless waterfall kits, pond kits, or rock column kits or pump vaults on the market. Other pondless waterfall systems use a pit lined with rubber liner, filled with rocks and maybe with plastic crates to store and filter the water. As you would expect, they clog up and fail over time. Other pump vault systems offer tanks with filter chambers outside of them. This means it takes two tanks to do what a Filtrific Filter does with one. Also, many times the tank or pump chamber that is supposed to hold the water when the pump is turned off, is too small to contain all the water in motion. Unfortunately, then when the water is turned off, the water drains out the bottom of the water feature. When the pump is turned back on all the water that was lost has to be added back into the system to get it running again.

Water-In-Motion Storage

Be very careful when you are looking to buy a pondless
waterfall or stream kit or any other water feature that you evaluate the water in motion storage the kit offers.  Most pondless waterfall and stream kits or pump chamber systems don't include enough water storage to contain the water in motion when the pump is turned off. Unfortunately then, when the water is turned off, it all drains out the bottom of the water feature. When the pump is turned back on all the water that was lost has to be added back into the system to get it running again. 

How accessible is the water storage? Other pondless waterfall systems use a pit lined with rubber liner, filled with rocks and maybe with plastic crates to store the water when the pump is turned off. These pondless waterfall systems eventually clog up with debris and fail over time. The way these rock pit/crate systems are designed they are very difficult to pump the water out when the water gets dirty and contaminated. With a Filtrific Filter tanks system you always have the option to pump out all the water in your water feature and put new water in if you choose.

Remote Placement

Berkey Supply water feature kits utilize Filtrific Filter tanks which can be placed remotely in the landscape or in mechanical rooms. A natural looking water feature shouldn't have a plastic skimmer on the edge of it and a concrete water feature shouldn't have a pump sitting on the bottom of it. Filtrific skimmers are made to be hidden it the water feature and attached to piping that feeds the water to the filter tank.

Professional Equipment

When you are buying water feature equipment consider the durability of the equipment. Filtrific water feature equipment is built with 3/16-to-1/4-inch thick LLDPE plastic and have been installed in corporate campuses such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook and many others. It has been installed in shopping centers, schools, zoos, office towers and countless residences across the country. Filtrific Filter tank connections have built in ports and utilize heavy duty waterworks rubber couplings with stainless steel clamps to get piping in and out of the filter Tanks.

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