Mechanical Accessability

Houses Auto-Fill, Pump Shut-Off and Overflow

Fountain Auto-Fill

Housing for the Fountain Auto-Fill, Pump Shut-Off and Overflow Devices

Designed to simplify a fountain installation while providing full functionality, the Filtered Pump Vault can house a wide variety of system accessories. Electric and mechanical auto-fill devices, pump shut-off devices and a built-in overflow are just a few of the system accessories which are easily housed inside the vault. For a full list of the available in-vault accessories please see

Filter, Pump Chamber & Reservoir All-In-One

The Filtered Pump Vault houses the system filtration, pump, pumping components and reservoir in one compact unit.


Professionals Prefer Filtrific ®

"The Best Designed and Most Dependable System on yhe Market"

"From the perspective of a company that has projects in several continents I cannot afford a call-back. Over the years and true effort with many other styles and brands of in-ground filters I am convinced the "Filtrific" filtering systems in the best design and most dependable system on the market for water features large and small. The filters provide for numerous installation configurations and are built to such high standards that I have no second thoughts of using them on my projects in any climate where dependable filtration is required.

David Duensing Aquatic Construction Services Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Accessing the Pump Chamber

From time to time, the pump chamber may need to be accessed. With the Filtered Pump Vault, this process is very simple and straight forward.


Unscrew the bolts on the lower lid


Unscrew the bolt on the Filter Carriage


Remove the Filter Carriage and filters


Access the pump and any installed pumping components

Remote Placement

The Filtered Pump Vault is designed to be placed next to or away from the fountain where it is hidden and out of sight, as to not spoil the visual effects of the waterscape.


Easy Pipe Connection

The Filtered Pump Vault and Expansion Reservoir units both feature Filtrific’s Built-In Ports which allow for a very simple pipe connection.

Additional Information

Visit the Official Filtrific Website to view additional information on each Filtered Pump Vault and available accessories.

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