Clog-Free Reservoir

With Pump Protection Filter

Clog-Free Reservoir & Advanced Pump Filter

The Berkey Supply Waterfall Kits feature Filtrific’s line of patented clog-free Filter Tank Reservoirs. These reservoirs feature pre-filtration to ensure that debris is separated from the in-flowing water before it reaches the pump chamber and reservoir. This filtration process keeps the reservoir free from debris while preventing the pump from clogging.


Did You Know?

The Patented Filtrific® Filter Tank Reservoir is unique to the water feature industry. It is the only system on the market which provides a built-in reservoir and pump filter. Most systems on the market only provide storage and don’t filter the water. This can cause significant buildup and eventual clogging which requires a complete reinstallation of the reservoir.

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All-In-One Reservoir & Pump Filter

The Filter Tank Reservoir houses the system filtration, pump, pumping components and reservoir in one compact unit.


Professionals Prefer Filtric ®

The Best Designed and most Dependable System on the Market

"From the perspective of a company that has projects in several continents I cannot affors a call-back. Over the years and true effort with many other styles and brands of in-ground filters I am conviced the "Filtrific" filtering system is the best design and most dependable system on the market for water features large and small. The filters provide for numerous installation configurations and are built to such high standards that I have no second thoughts of using them on my projects in any climate where dependable filtration is required."

David Duensing Aquatic Construction Services Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida


Tough Reservoir

The Filter Tank Reservoir is constructed of heavy-duty, thick plastic which is very resistant to roots, rocks and sharp objects. Other systems which rely on rubber lined reservoirs filled with rocks are very susceptible to puncture which then requires a complete system removal. With a Berkey Waterfall & Stream System puncturing the reservoir will not be a concern.

Did You Know?

The Filtrific Filter Tank and Expansion Reservoirs provide the toughest pre-filtered reservoir in the industry with an outstanding record of quality. Other systems rely on a rubber lined, gravel filled reservoir to provide water storage when the system is in the “off” position. If even one rock punctures the liner, the system will lose water rapidly and require that the entire reservoir is removed in order to search for the puncture. Liner patching and reinstallation is then required.

Expandable Reservoir

Building a long stream or a large vanishing pool? Was the reservoir initially sized too small for the water flow? No Problem! The Filter Tank Reservoir features expandable storage which is easily added during installation or even after the system is installed.


Did You Know?

With other systems, if the reservoir capacity is not calculated correctly the system will overflow into the landscape when shut off. To fix the problem the entire reservoir must be removed, additional liner added and then rebuilt. With a Berkey System, simply attach another Expansion Reservoir Tank. There is no limit to the number of expansion reservoir units that can be added.

Compact Reservoir

The 40 Gallon Expansion Reservoirs nest with the Filter Tank to create a compact “string” of water storage. The expansion reservoirs can be placed under walkways, lawns, between rock outcropping or established plantings.


Filter Tank Reservoir: Pre-Filtration & Pump Chamber

The Filter Tank Reservoir is where water first enters the system. The Filter Tank provides pre-filtration and houses the pump as well as the system’s pumping components and accessories. It also acts as the primary reservoir for the system. There are three sizes of Filter Tank Reservoirs included in Berkey Waterfall & Stream Kits:


The T40F Filter Tank Reservoir is included in the following kits:

  • Springbrook 1 WS
  • Springbrook 2 WS
  • Meadowbrook 1 WS
  • Meadowbrook 2 WS


The T75F Filter Tank Reservoir is included in the following kits:

  • Cascade 1 WS
  • Cascade 2 WS
  • Cascade 2 WSP
  • Cascade 3 WS
  • Cascade 3 WSP
  • Sierra 1 WS
  • Sierra 2 WSP
  • Sierra 3 WS
  • Sierra 3 WSP


The T390F Filter Tank Reservoir is included in the following kits:

  • Olympic 1 WS
  • Olympic 1 WSP
  • Olympic 2 WS
  • Olympic 2 WSP


Surgical-grade stainless steel Filter Baskets separate debris from the water carried in through the skimmer. Interchangeable screen sizes provide customized filtering, to assure trouble-free operation of pumps and a reservoir free of debris.


Remote Placement

The Filter Tank Reservoir is designed to be placed next to or away from the water feature where it is hidden and out of sight, as to not spoil the visual effects of the water feature.


Easy Pipe Connection

The Filter Tank Reservoir and Expansion Reservoir’s both feature Filtrific’s Built-In Ports which allow for a very simple pipe connection.

Additional Information

Visit the Official Filtrific Website to view additional information on each Filter Tank Reservoir and available accessories.