Preformed Fountain Kit

Engineered for Natural Looking Waterscapes

Preformed Fountains

A preformed fountain can be installed with a Berkey Fountain Pump Kit to provide debris skimming, filtration, pump and equipment housing. Optionally the system can be designed to allow for all surface water to disappear underground and into the built-in reservoir when the system is shut off. The end result is a low maintenance system which resists algae growth and minimizes maintenance.

Disappearing Fountain System On, Pool Full


Disappearing Fountain System Off, Pool Empty


Professionals Prefer Filtric ®

"Provides Superior Aesthetics for Precise Installations."

I have been installing the Filtrific systems for their strength, their ease of use for the client, the precision of the installation, and the ease of being able to explain how it works. I very rarely go on a presentation without having a Filtrific T4OF as an integral part of the public presentation or proposal to a client. The ability to have a remote location for the skimmer and mechanicals greatly appeals to the aesthetics of building a natural pond."

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