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20 page detailed guide with helpful tips on building waterfalls and streams and connecting all the hardware up to the filter tank.

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Sizing Guide

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Natural Pooling finish

In nature, streams and waterfalls rarely end abruptly into an expanse of gravel; they usually finish into a soothing pool. This subtle touch is the visual difference between a natural looking water feature and an artificial looking attempt.

Our Cascade, Sierra, and Olympic series Waterfall & Stream Kits provide the option of adding a natural pooling finish at the end of the waterfall or stream. When the system is turned off, the pooling finish disappears along with the rest of the waterfall or stream.

This pooling effect is not an option with the other systems on the market, often referred to as "pondless waterfalls." Complete the picture and combine a look that simulates nature with modern technology that can be enjoyed for years to come.

The vanishing pool finish is available on select systems due to the additional containment required for the pool to vanish into the reservoir.

Won't Clog Up

Our Waterfall and Stream Kits won't clog up and fail like other pondless waterfall and stream kits on the market.

Many of those pondless waterfall kits use a pit lined with rubber liner, filled with rocks and maybe with plastic crates to store the water when the pump is turned off. Put the rocks in the rest of your water feature and leave the milk crates in the dairy section with a Filtrific Vanishing Water System.

Other pondless waterfall kits offer tanks with filter chambers separate from the pump chamber. This means you have two tanks and more digging to accomplish the same task as a Filtrific Filter Tank. Other Pondless waterfall kits feature pump vaults set in the rock pit at the bottom of the water feature. To access the pump inside of the pump vault, you have dig into your water feature to get to the pump chamber.

Water-In-Motion Storage

Be very careful when you are looking to buy a pondless
waterfall or stream kit that you evaluate the water in motion storage that the waterfall and stream kit offers.  Most pondless waterfall and stream kits or pump chamber systems don't include enough water storage to contain the water in motion when the pump is turned off. Unfortunately, then when the water is turned off, it all drains out the bottom of the water feature. And then, when the pump is turned back on all the water that was lost has to be added back into the system to get it running again. 

Consider how accessible is the water storage? Many pondless waterfall systems use a pit lined with rubber liner, filled with rocks and maybe with plastic crates to store the water when the pump is turned off. These pondless waterfall systems eventually clog up with debris and fail over time. The way these rock pit/crate systems are designed they are very difficult to pump the water out when the water gets dirty and contaminated.

With a Filtrific Filter tanks system you always have the option to pump out all the water in your water feature and put new water in if you choose.

Remote Placement

Berkey Supply water feature kits utilize Filtrific Filter tanks which can be placed remotely in the landscape or in mechanical rooms.

A natural looking water feature shouldn't have a plastic skimmer on the edge of it and a concrete water feature shouldn't have a pump sitting on the bottom of it. Filtrific skimmers are made to be hidden it the water feature and attached to piping that feeds the water to the filter tank.

Build a beautiful water feature without the visual distraction of plastic water feature equipment.

Professional Equipment

Waterfall and Stream Kits from Berkey Supply feature the premier brand of Filtrific water feature equipment. The Filter Tanks and plastic accessories are built with 3/16-to-1/4-inch thick LLDPE plastic and have been installed in commercial grade water feature projects at corporate campuses such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook and many others. Filtrific water feature equipment has been installed in shopping centers, schools, zoos, office towers and countless residences across the country. Filtrific Filter tank connections have built in ports and utilize heavy duty waterworks rubber couplings with stainless steel clamps for connecting the piping in and out of the filter Tanks. Installing a Vanishing Waterfall and Stream built with Filtrific water feature equipment will be a permanent addition to your landscape providing you years of enjoyment.

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