Outdoor Water Feature Kits for Landscape Water Features

Berkey Supply offers a water feature kit for nearly every type of landscape water feature. Looking to build a landscape waterfall or garden stream? Take a look at our selection of waterfall kits. How about a waterfall with a pond, a bubbling rock or a statuary fountain? We offer a outdoor water feature kit to fit the size and type of landscape water feature project that you are invisioning.

landscape water feature
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Landscape Waterfall Kits

Our waterfall water feature kit systems allow all water to disappear from the surface when the pump is turned off, keeping it out of sight in an underground filter system. Without a pump running, there isn't any surface water and therefore no water is lost to evaporation.
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water feature kits bubbling rocks
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Bubbling Rock Outdoor Water Feature Kits

Our bubbling rock water feature kits present the option of a vanishing pool at the base of the columns and also provide installation and servicing conveniences.
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outdoor water feature kit pond
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Water Feature Kits for Ponds

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Whether designed as a landscape water feature focal point or as an interactive water garden, a pond provides natural tranquility and adds a sense of completeness to the landscape.
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landscape water features ponds
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Water Feature Kit - Hybri-Pond

Halfway between a Waterfall System and a full size Pond system, is a Hybri-Pond™ system. With a Hybri-Pond™, the stream appears when the stream pump is turned on and disappears into the underground reservoir when the pump is turned off. The pond size can then be reduced to an easily maintainable size. The overall footprint of these landscape water features can still occupy the same surface area, but in a more resource friendly configuration.
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water feature kit fountain
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Fountain Landscape Water Feature Kits

As well as adding an element of refinement, fountains and architectural landscape water features add an artistic focal point and often define a specific area or section of the landscape. To be consistent with all design elements, the pumping equipment including pump, switches, filtering, auto-fill and overflow are located in the Filtrific® Filter Tank, next to or away from the water feature, making for a very clean, concise, and convenient outdoor landscape water feature installation.
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Your Project doesen't fit in any of the above catagories? We can customize a system for your specific water feature project. Call us at 800-959-8353 to speak to one of our landscape water feature experts.

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