Reflection 3 Preformed
Fountain System

Provides pumping, filtration, skimming and overflow components for preformed fountain. Includes the T390F Filtered Pump Vault. Optional Auto-Fill and Pump Shut-Off are available. Fountain piping not included.

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Fountain Style:

For use with a preformed fountainwaterfall kit

Maximum Pool Size:

To incorporate the Vanishing Pool Design Option into this system additional water storage may be required. Please contact us for a custom system quote.

*Only applicable if the Vanishing Water Design Option is to be utilized

Maximum Flow Rate:

Skimmer: 60 GPM (3,600 GPH)



Included Skimmer:

SFC-4 Surface Flow-Cap

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Design Notes:


  • This system is designed for preformed fountains which feature a pooling area at the base.
  • The included skimmer provides a fixed water level.
  • This system should be used in conjunction with an auto-fill device. (sold separately)
  • A valve to adjust the water flow is included.
  • If an external pump or a different submersible pump is to be used instead of the included submersible pump, please contact us for pricing on a custom system.



Custom Systems
For custom projects which do not fit within the constraints of our pre-packaged systems please contact us


Unique Features:


Berkey Fountain Systems Feature:

Automatic Debris Removal

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Debris from the water feature is swept through an intake pipe and into the filter baskets for removal. By removing floating debris from the water feature, less manual maintenance is required.

Algae Resistant System Design

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By incorporating the Vanishing Water Design Option into the fountain design, all of the fountain's water will drain into the underground reservoir when turned off which results minimal if any algae growth in the fountain.

Housing for Pump Accessories

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By housing many of the system's pumping components within the filtered vault, the system's complexity, cost and footprint in the landscape are reduced. For a complete listing of accessories which can be housed within the Filtered Pump Vault please see

* The Auto-Fill & Pump Shut-Off are optional accessories which must be purchased separately.

Complete Access to Filters and Pump Chamber

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An integrated two-piece lid provides convenient filter access intended for regular maintenance. To perform hardware maintenance the entire lid can be opened with the removal of two bolts. Once the full lid is removed the entire pump chamber is accessible.

Strong Outer Shell

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Durable polyethylene with structural integration provide a dependable pump vault which can withstand the demands of a rugged job-site.




Filtrific System Introduction Video:


Reflection 3 Preformed
Fountain System Includes:

1 - Filtrific® T390F Filtered Pump Vault
1 - Filtrific® 20 Mesh Filter
1 - Filtrific® SFC-4 Surface Flow-Cap
1 – 2nd Filter Plug, FCP390
1 – 4” x 4” Flex-Coupling, RC-44
1 – 4” Rubber Collar, RC-4 
1 – Pump Discharge Kit, D31-Q   
1 – Overflow Kit, F34 (includes 3” x 3’ pipe)
1 – Intake Pipe, 4” x 3’
1 - Filtrific® Overflow Kit
1 - 2" Valve
1 - 4,332 GPH (72 GPM) Wet Rotor Pump Model F50-5000

Product Details:

Specification Sheet - Filtrific® T390F Filtered Pump Vault

Product Details - Little Giant Wet Rotor Pump



Price: $4,997.00
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Function Price / Add to Cart:

K6 Mechanical
Autofill Device

Adds water to the system when the water dips below a pre-determined level. For use with the T390F Filtered Pump Vault.

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Pump Shut-Off

Shuts off the pump if the water level drops too low for safe operation. Prevents pump burnout. For use with 110v pumps.

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T390F Lid Extension

Provides a 6" extension to the lid on the Filtered Pump Vault. Multiple extensions can be stacked to match the surrounding grade. For use with the T390F Filtered Pump Vault.

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UV Clarifier

UV Filter housed in 15 gallon vault. 50 GPM Max Flow.

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140 Gallon Expansion Reservoir

140 Gallon Expansion Reservoir. For use with the T75F & T390F Filtered Pump Vaults. Includes connection fittings.

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Additional System Accessories:

Additional system accessories are available in addition to those listed above. Please see the Filtrific Website for details and contact us for pricing.



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