Kichler Lighting 15PL200AZT
Kichler Lighting 15PL200AZT
Kichler Lighting 15PL200AZT
Kichler Landscape Lighting
Kichler 15PL200AZT
Low Voltage
Outdoor Lighting

Kichler's Plus Series Transformers feature a 6' cord, pluggable options with a powder coated steel case.
Important: This unit is not approved for use with fixtures placed in ponds or landscape water features.

  • Output voltage taps are 12-V, 13-V, 14-V, 15-V, 80 Amp. Max per board
  • Powder-coated housing is painted steel with AZT or BE finish
  • Auto-resettable in-line primary overload protection
  • An in-line secondary magnetic breaker protects against short Circuiting
  • Epoxy encapsulated for greater protection and performance
  • X10 compatible
  • Mounting template included
  • 10-year limited warranty

All transformer feature one common per circuit. UL requirements limit each circuit to 300 watt.

Kichler Transformers feature secondary circuit breakers for short-circuit protection as a standard feature. Higher quality model such as these feature magnetic circuit breakers that provide greater reliability and safety by providing a faster response to a fault in the system.

Kichler Transformers feature an in-line primary thermostat for protection against thermal over-load. These built-in thermostats are auto-resetting, eliminating the need for replacement or maintenance.

Submersible rated transformers are designed and rated to provide power for fixtures placed in a pond, fountain or other landscape water feature. Fixtures used in water features must also be rated for submersible use. Transformers rated for use with submersible fixtures feature 3' of #12-3 SJTW cord. They are NOT rated for use with fixtures in pools, spas or bodies of water intended for immersion of humans. The submersible rating feature varies by model.

Full enclosure of the housing protects components from weather, sprinkling systems and debris.
Every tab is tested to ensure that output is consistently accurate. 100% tested.

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