Irritrol PC Control (Outdoor)
Irritrol PC Control
Irritrol PC Control (Outdoor)
Irritrol PC Control (Outdoor)
Irritrol PC Control (Outdoor)
Irritrol PC Control (Outdoor)
Irritrol PC Control (Outdoor)
Outdoor PC Control

Operating Specifications:
  • Station running time: up to 24 hours (in hour and minute increments)
  • Stat times: 10 per zone per day (120 total)
  • Watering Day Schedules selectable per zone: Any days-of-the-week watering, interval watering (selectable in 1-day increments) from daily to once every 30 days and odd or even date watering
  • Day exclusion option for setting "non-water" days
  • Rain sensor for multi-controller systems: Connect sensor to controller # 1
  • Pump Start Relay for multiple controller systems: Connect relay to controller #1 (for pump control)
  • PIN number range: Selectable from 0001 to 9999
  • Range on two-way remote: 1,00' line-of-sight, less when obstructed

Electrical Specifications:
  • Transformer input: 120 VAC, 60HZ
  • Transformer output: 24 VAC (30VA)
  • Maximum output per station: 24 VAC, .4 amp
  • Maximum total output: 24 VAC, 1 amp (Including master valve)

  • Outdoor: H: 13", W: 7", D: 41/4"

Water Saving:
1. Select the zone's soil type, slope, plant type, watering device and solar exposure information to enable the PC Control Scheduling Advisor.
2. The Scheduling Advisor uses the online, local weather forecast to automatically reset and/or recommend a watering schedule.
3. Set online forecast updates as often as everyday.

Schedule Management:
4. Schedules can be created, activated, saved, copied, changed and deleted.
5. Contractor's original settings can be saved for reference or reactivation as needed.
6. Schedules can be sent over the Internet for advice or correction.
7. Schedules can be set to auto-load and activate on a future date.

Multiple site Management:
8. Identifies which client's program is active for scheduling
9. New site management for multiple clients
10. Compatible with Irritrol SR-1 Relay for landscape light switching.

Note: Power cord not included.

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