T40 Side-Pod
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T40 Side-Pod
T40 Side-Pod
T40 Side-Pod
Model: T40SP

Additional containment is now easier than ever. The T40SP Side-Pod features a new, versatile design which allows it to be "nested" with either a T40F or other Side-Pod 40's. This innovative, space-saving model is the solution for projects that are tight on space. Designed to be completely concealed, the Side-Pod 40 has a top that sits 4" below ground level to accommodate placement below lawn, plantings, and walkways.


  • 40-gallon containment tank connects to either side of the T40F or T75F filter tanks for additional containment. It adds 20 gallons to a T40F and 40 gallons to a T75F
  • Only requires a 2ft deep hole
  • 4" Connection on both sides for connecting to a filter tank or additional pod(s).
  • Includes vented cap

Note: Be sure to add either the RC-44LL or the RC-44LTL connection fitting packages (listed below).

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Brand: Filtrific
Item Number: T40SP
Price: 389.00
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