Irritrol PC Control (Indoor)
Irritrol PC Control
Irritrol PC Control (Indoor)
Irritrol PC Control (Indoor)
Irritrol PC Control (Indoor)
Irritrol PC Control (Indoor)
Irritrol PC Control (Indoor)
Indoor PC Control

The way you control your irrigation system is about to change.
Thanks to PC Control, irrigation programming is now made easy and convenient though easy-to-use software combined with wireless communication. With the versatility of PC Control, you control your Irrigation and landscape lighting right from your own computer!

Controlling your irrigation system has never been easier!
The power of a full-featured irrigation controller in your PC means your can program your irrigation and landscape lighting right from your desk. Programming is simple using drag-and-drop scheduling! And with the two-way wireless handheld remote, you'll have the flexibility to manually run zones and instantly turn on landscape lighting from up to 1,000 feet away. Plus, your contractor can use a similar remote perform system checks and maintenance without accessing your home or garage, eliminating the need for you to be home for service.

Digital photos of your own yard take the guesswork out of zone identification!
A picture is worth a thousand words and with PC Control, you can even customize each zone with a digital photo and exact name for fast, easy zone identification. No more remembering which zone is which! With PC Control, programming has never been more visual or intuitive. And because programming information is downloaded completely from your computer to he controller, PC Control keeps working even when your computer isn't. As an added benefit, an individual PIN code protects your system against unauthorized schedule changes, and with PC Control's unique email support capability, you're never alone.

Save water and money with PC Control!
PC Control's Scheduling AdvisorTM will check the online weather forecast for you and make adjustments to your irrigation schedule automatically based on your zip code and specific zone information that you input. Plus, with more municipalities imposing watering restrictions on homeowners, PC Control makes it easy to customize the watering schedule to comply with specific watering restrictions

The complete PC Control
Package includes:

  • 12-station indoor controller
  • 2-way remote with desktopstand and USB cable
  • Software on disk
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