WS8/3156 (24.4w)
WS8/3156 (24.4w)
WS8/3156 (24.4w)

S8 Wedge Base 12 volt:

Resistant to harsh environments, the Krypton gas filled S-8 plastic wedge base lamp, originally developed for the automotive industry, has become more accepted among leading landscape lighting manufacturers such as Kichler Lighting and Cast Lighting. Because the bulb is not pressurized like halogen bulbs, the fixture needs no lens; it is not sensitive to skin oils, as are halogens, allowing for more convenient service. Though currently available only in two wattages, 18.5 and 24.4, long life and accurate color rendition are strong attributes for this increasingly popular lamp.

  • 5000-hour average rated life at 12 volts
  • Plastic wedge base

Brand: Ushio, Prism, Bulbrite
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