Halogen 20 watt, Wide Flood
PAR36 12 volt:

Resistance to harsh environments, and a wide array of wattages and beam spreads, make the PAR36 lamp a popular choice for low voltage in-grounds, or well lights, as the sealed beam design resists moisture. However, because they are usually recessed, their large diameter makes them susceptible to debris collection and a possible fire hazard. The best application is in a fixture that incorporates a lens and/or rock guard. Our halogen models, with accurate color rendition and long life, are available in wattages of 20, 35, and 50, with three beam spreads each. We stock a limited selection of standard incandescent models in 25 watts, 35 watts and 50 watts for special applications. We typically upgrade the inefficient 18w 4414, included as a standard lamp with many fixtures, with a halogen 20WFL.

  • Long rated life at 12 volts (average @ 5000-hour halogen, 2000-hour incandescent)
  • Variety of wattages and beam spreads
  • Screw terminal wire connection
  • 4.5 inches diameter

Brand: Ushio, Prism, Bulbrite
Item Number:
Price: 9.95
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