35 watt, 24 degree Narrow Flood
MR16 12 volt:

Accurate color rendition, long life, compact size, and a wide array of wattages and beam spreads make the versatile MR16 lamp a popular choice for low voltage landscape lighting. As with any halogen lamp, you must avoid touching the inner capsule with your bare hands; the oil from your skin will cause premature burnout. That's why we offer as standard only models with a protective clear glass cover lens. Available wattages and beam spreads include 10 watts (three beam spreads), 20 watts, 35 watts, 50 watts, and 75 watts with four beam spreads each.

  • 5000-hour average rated life at 12 volts
  • Cover lens is standard
  • Variety of wattages and beam spreads
  • 5.3 mm pin spacing
  • 2 inches diameter
Brand: Ushio, Prism, Bulbrite
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