FX Luminaire Rotondoluna RL-20
Up and Accent Lights
FX Luminaire Rotondoluna RL-20
FX Luminaire Rotondoluna RL-20
FX Luminaire Rotondoluna RL-20
FX Luminaire
MacchiaUltimo RL-20-CU
Low Voltage
Outdoor Lighting

Soft Light, Strong Luminaire

When trying to create a super soft washlight, there are very few well designed products for today's lighting designer. The FX RotondoLuna is specifically designed to gently illuminate small-scale plant material, boulders and short garden walls. Halogen lamp model produces a white light that enhances green plant material. The xenon lamp has a mellow, golden light output for enriching earth tone elements.

The copper will patina naturally over time and can be accelerated with solution spray.

Finish: Copper
Lamp: Xenon G4
Watt: 20
Mount: Super Slot Spike

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