Berkey Pond Systems have been engineered to allow the installer to create the most natural looking waterscape possible. Each product has been specifically designed to blend into a natural setting due to it’s compact size and reinforced design.


Remote Vault Placement


Most pond skimmers on the market include the pump inside of the skimmer unit and must be placed directly on the pond’s edge. These skimmers are very difficult to hide and greatly detract from the natural look of a pond.


Berkey Pond Kits do not incorporate the pump chamber into the skimmer unit. This allows for a small compact skimmer to be placed inside of the pond, while the pump vault can be placed remotely in the landscape and away from the water feature.

Double Door Skimmer Installed in a Pond
Fixed Skimmer Installed in a Hybri-Pond


Only the access cap is visible when buried
in the landscape.
Filtered Pump Vault Placed Remotely From Skimmer



Ultra-Compact Skimmer Attachments

Due to the remotely placed Filtered Pump Vault, the in-pond skimmer attachments are compact and easy to disguise. The reinforced design is engineered for strength to support natural elements such as logs and rocks.


Filtrific Door Skimmer

The Door Skimmer rests inside the liner and is designed to disappear into the pond’s edge. The skimmer door self-adjusts to fluctuating water levels. Floating debris in the pond is swept through the skimmer door and into the Filter Basket(s) inside of the Filtered Pump Vault. Door Skimmers are included in Berkey Oasis 1 & 2 Pond Kits.

Fish Safe


The optional fish guard can be attached to the door skimmer to prevent fish from entering the skimmer. Constructed of durable stainless-steel, the fish guard securely rests on the top of the door skimmer.




Filtrific Fixed Skimmer

Low profile Fixed Skimmers allow precise adjustment of the water level and are nearly invisible at the pool’s edge. An eccentric coupling provides fine-tuning of the skimmer height to accommodate increased flows, and the clean, un-tapered skimmer design allows the skimming edge to be incrementally trimmed as needed. Fixed Skimmers are included in Berkey Hybri-Pond 1 & 2 Kits.

Fish Safe


The Fixed Skimmer Fish Guard also doubles as a rock plate which allows for heavy rock to be placed on top of the fixed skimmer in order to allow for the skimmer to blend seamlessly into the waterscape.





Versatile Waterfall Starter

Give any water feature a natural look with the Filtrific® Waterfall Starter. Its versatile rock-bearing design neatly disguises it in any landscape, allowing only the water and natural elements to be seen. A waterfall starter is included in each Berkey Pond and Hybri-Pond Kit.

The Waterfall Starter’s innovative design allows only the natural elements
and flowing water to be seen.
Invert the Waterfall Starter for a pooling start to the waterfall or stream.
The versatile rock-bearing design supports large or small rock and can start the water course with a tall or zero water drop.
The small profile Waterfall Starer allows a wide or narrow start to the waterfall.


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