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FX Luminaire is an industry leader in manufacturing of low voltage outdoor landscape and architectural lighting. A strong focus is placed on advancing LED technology for outdoor landscape applications and specialized, detailed digital control of the light output through zoning, dimming and color adjustment options.

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Photo of a FX Luminaire Landscape Light


FX Up Lights

In a landscape lighting system, up lights provide an exceptional amount of interest, texture and contrast to the outdoor living area. FX Luminaire provides high quality and efficient fixture to utilize up lights in a successful outdoor lighting project.

FX Luminaire Up Lights




FX Path Lights

To light up edges in the landscape as well as walkways and other pathways, path lights are an excellent way to add dynamic of ambiance to the living space. FX provides a wide variety of materials and finishes to suit a wide array of landscapes.

FX Luminaire Path Lights






FX Down Lights

Down Lights not only can be used practically to light up a table, seating area or barbecue when mounted or hung but also mimic natural moonlight in addition in accentuating the effects of other lights in the landscape.

FX Down Lights






FX Specialty Lights

Suited for unique and niche applications, FX LuminaireSpecialty Lights provide specialized solutions for versatile and efficient effects.

FX Specialty Lights





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FX Wall Lights

Wall Lights provide safety and define edges to the landscape while also helping enhances the ambiance of the outdoor living space.

FX Wall Lights



Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Visually Expanding Your Outside Area:

Most people do not know what can be done with outdoor lighting. They think throwing a few lights up here and there is all it takes and they are ready to roll! You can do so much more and actually give a visual expansion to your front or back yard. When light is brought to a dark area, you are making the entire yard look so much larger. Proper lighting can draw your eyes to an item such as a statue that you want people to notice. When you add lights in a nice way, you will have a very striking look for your outdoor area.


Boundary Lights:

Another way to expand your outdoor environment is by applying boundary lights. If you have shrubs or a fence that marks you property's border, having the area illuminated will produce a beautiful lit wall along the border. Use a small output wall wash fixture allowing the lights to overlap and discover what a really nice effect you will have created.


Plan Your Lighting Ahead Of Time:

When you design your lighting plan, you should consider the interior of your home as well. If your kitchen and dining areas are at the back of the house with windows looking out, balance out your lighting plan to draw attention to the most traveled area outside. On the other hand, if a bedroom faces out, you probably don't want to put too much light in that particular area. You should sit down and talk with your landscaper during the planning stage. Give them your thoughts on what effect and where you want the lighting to be located. Let them know if you have plants, stones, or other outdoor elements you would like to draw attention to.


LED Lighting Technology

Why You Should Use Superior LED Lighting Technology:

Using LED landscape lights have many efficient and practical advantages over other lights. LED lights are the leading light choices in the industry. We offer the very best technology and exceptional attention to details. We are highly advanced in the industry, providing only the very best for our clientele.


Energy Efficient:

LED fixtures require approximately 80% less voltage than halogen lighting which requires 10 to 50 watts of power for each one. LED means lower energy costs, a much longer life cycle, and is better for the environment.


FX Luminaire LED Landscape LightReduction In Heat:

Due to their consumption of wattage, traditional outdoor fixtures can become extremely hot after being on only for a few minutes. Although LED lights also generate heat, it's a great deal less than traditional lighting. Generating less heat will improve the life of the lamps and fixtures. We want to ensure our products have longer life cycles and our FX LED comes with heat sinks and temperature sensors. If the fixture becomes too hot, the FX board will automatically pull back the current which will immediately cool the fixture down.


Output Consistency:

Traditional lighting requires a number of wires for each set of lights to guarantee all lights are putting out the same level of illumination. Setting them up is very difficult and time-consuming. FX Luminaire LED fixtures come with a built-in device called a driver which takes the power it's receiving and delivers it to each one of the LED fixtures. The lights will always display the same level of light no matter what the voltage.


LED Shelf Life:

It can depend on the application, but LED lights can last 50,000 hours or even longer. As they are approaching the end of the life cycle, they will start to dim over time at low levels. That means even after 50,000 hours of use, in most cases, LEDs will continue to sufficiently illuminate. This is far superior to traditional lighting which will simply burn out.


Always Have Your Lighting Set Up By Professionals:

Just like any other installation on your property, landscape lighting is a fine art. It requires a professional landscaper to lay out a plan, install, and maintain the system. You want safe, optimal, long life from your new outdoor lighting. You should always consult with your qualified installer to create the functions you are looking for in a lighting plan.


Top Lighting Tips

Landscape Lighting Tips:

Here are some valuable tips that you should take into consideration when designing your lighting layout. Let's face it, you want a professionally designed landscape that will provide safety and longevity of our products, and provide you with a wonderful experience for many years to come.


Use A Voltmeter:

Voltage drop is required to check each fixture. To ensure proper installation, voltage should be monitored leaving the transformer and for long-term maintenance inspection.


Incorporate Switching Flexibility In The Design:

The lighting layout should take into consideration different uses for a well-planned landscape and what it will offer. This will include, entertaining, while you are away from home, and when you are home alone. Obviously, there are some areas that should only be lit when you are at home. Take a look at the innovative features of our LUXOR to accomplish flexibility easily.


Flexibility Designing:

Your lighting system should not be just one system. In some cases, the design will use the front and back yards. Possibly split off in different areas for more flexibility and overall excellent mood enhancement. Path lighting will light up your trees, bar, eating area, walkways, pool, etc. All of these have different requirements. The best way for this to happen is grouping a system of lights, separating them to adjust independently. Done professionally will give you a rich, elegant, mood setting environment to be enjoyed for a very long time.


High-Quality Wiring Connections:

Each fixture must be connected properly. Each fixture is susceptible to failure if a quality connection method is not applied. Proper connections will keep water and debris out and provide a better electrical rating.


The Correct Amount Of Light:

Using an FX Luminaire adjustable color filter and replaceable LED boards will allow you to adjust the amount of light. Using the LUXOR, you can dim the light leaving the fixture so it will always produce illumination perfectly.


Color Filters:

Using color filters you can highlight certain colors within your foliage or your hardscape. Adjust to match the season colors from cooler or warmer temperatures and seasons.


Voltage Drop Monitor:

FX LED offers a broader range of 10 to 14 voltage compared to halogens offering 10.5 to 11.5 volts. Keep in mind, over or under voltage can shorten the life of your lights causing them to fail.


Allow For Upgrades:

Landscaping changes and so do the lights required for the design. It's always a good idea to make room for growth in the wiring, power capabilities, and fixture upgrades to ensure your landscaping plan will grow with your surroundings.


Path Lights:

Even though path lights are great for lighting pathways, they are also a great choice for illuminating low growth foliage areas where it impossible to walk. Highlighting flowerbeds, plants under trees or an inaccessible area will create a whole new dimension.


Keep Your Surroundings In Mind:

When planning for landscape lighting keep in mind the areas where people will move about. Will they be standing or sitting? What will they be doing such as eating, working, talking, or grilling? Once you have a clearer picture it will be easier to decide which lighting will provide higher or lower illumination.

Luxor lights don't simply turn on and off, they have zoning and dimming abilities that provide limitless designing possibilities. Zoning will let lights be programmed into preset vignettes which can be activated for special occasions such as parties or barbecuing. Dimming allows you to adjust the percentage of illumination anywhere or anytime in the system. You could have one section programmed to 100% illumination at 7:00 pm that changes to 60% at 9:00 pm.

Luxor's ZD Technology™ makes it super easy to use zoning and dimming like never before. It is the chosen control system by professionals.


Dimming: How It Works

Just move the controls up or down to operate Luxor's abilities. Every FX ZD Fixture attached to the Luxor can be adjusted throughout the night using Groups which will react through the time you have set.

You can create up to 250 independently adjustable lighting groups. You can set up each light as its own group if you wish and control each independently. You can set up a group for a pathway or around your driveway.


Setting Up:

Event Timing is no longer the process of on or off. A single group of lights can change dimming percentages during the entire night. Using Astronomical Timing, Luxor can read the sun's position starting when the sun goes down and stops when the sun comes up. Pre-set up themes change a set of groups as one by setting it up as a theme. You can adjust it for any season or when you are having an outdoor event.


FXL Conversions:

You can change a living space lighting with ease throughout the evening. Luxor will light up a dining table, spa area, seating area, etc., even on different days. Your lighting system should work with your lifestyle. Luxor can create a multitude of scenes for you and your landscape. Astronomical timing is the very best way to have an on and off lighting system without using a photocell. At FX we create a very easy to use map placement feature that has your location. You do not need numbers, zip codes, or manuals to read – just point to your location!

There are only two wires to connect each fixture and nothing changes in setting up with Luxor. All communication is sent over the same wires used to power each light, using any wiring technique you choose.

A great lighting system must be maintained over the year. Every project is a living system that can be updated from one season to the next or as your landscape environment grows. Lights can be pulled together in your changing world of events.

We see FX Luminaire in conjunction with its parent company Hunter Industries which actively researches and develops innovative solutions for saving energy and water.

From our LED certified factories to our extensive material waste reduction efforts, every part of our business has been developed to use as little resources as possible. Our commitment to our customers and community stays the same. We strive to use business practices that use natural resources as efficiently as possible.


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