Advantage #1:
Built-In Pre-Filtration


Each Berkey Fountain System features Filtrific’s Pre-Filtered Pump Vault. In-flowing water is pre-filtered through high-capacity, interchangeable stainless steel filters before reaching the pump chamber. By pre-filtering the water, the pump chamber is kept debris free and the pump and system accessories are allowed to function properly.

fountain filters

Built-In Fountain Filters


Advantage #2:
Built-In Auto-Fill, Pump-Shut-Off and Overflow

The Filtrific Filtered Pump Vault provides housing for multiple system accessories within the pump chamber. By locating the majority of the system components in one unit, system complication, cost and footprint in the landscape are all reduced.

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Advantage #3:
Cost Savings

A Berkey Fountain System is priced at a much lower price point than a custom fiberglass, steel or concrete vault while still offering the structural integrity and installation flexibility to perform in even the most rigorous of applications. The Filtrific Filtered Pump Vault is available in three different sizes and can accommodate a wide variety of different fountain sizes and flow rates.

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Advantage #4:
Simplified System Maintenance

With a Berkey Fountain System, all filtration is handled in the Filtered Pump Vault, placed remotely from the fountain. This allows for unobstructed debris skimming from the water’s surface and greatly reduces the amount of debris which requires manual removal. The Filtrific Filtered Pump Vault includes easy to access large capacity pre-filtration which allows for simple collection of system debris. The large capacity fountain filter baskets and customizable filter screens allow for small to large flows. If access to pumping equipment is required, the entire pump vault can be accessed by removing the bolted lid and filter carriage.

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Advantage #5:
Small Footprint in Landscape

The Filtrific Filtered Pump Vault is designed to house the pump and most of the pumping equipment within the filtered chamber. This allows for a much smaller footprint in the landscape and more room for plantings or hardscape. Additionally, the Filtered Pump Vault can also be placed in a utility room or even a parking garage.


pondless waterfall filter


pondless waterfall filter





Advantage #6:
Pumps & Ports

The Filtrific Filtered Pump Vault is compatible with virtually every submersible pump on the market due to it’s large built-in pump chamber. Does the design call for an external pump? The Filtered Pump Vault can also be used as a filter only with an external pump’s suction line drawing filtered water from the bottom of the vault.

With pre-built ports, connecting pump discharges and other pumping accessories couldn't be easier. Simply cut a 1/2” off the end of the port to be used, connect a rubber coupling and run the pipe. No drilling is required.

pondless waterfall filter




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