Artesian Rock Installation Instructions

Site Preparation
Excavate the water feature, sloping it slightly to the pump chamber location. It is better to remove more earth rather than be too shallow because you can always add more rock to establish finish grade. Dig the hole for the filter tank, allowing enough room for pipe connections. The 1" union elbow at the end of the black flex pipe can now be connected, hand tight, to the fitting on the outside of the tank and set it in the hole so the inlet port is at the excavated level of the water feature. As you backfill around the filter tank bring the black hose up and out toward the water feature as shown.

Placing the liner and connecting it to the pump chamber
Lay out the underlayment and then the rubber liner on top with at least 12" of excess over the edge of the excavation. Using the circle template in the RC4 kit, trace and cut (take your time to make sure this is a very accurate, clean circle, or the liner may tear when stretched) a hole in the rubber liner where it is to join with the 4" intake port of the filter tank. Allow plenty of liner above the intake hole to be certain it is above the water level of the water feature. Allow also some excess liner below the hole so that the connection to the intake port is not stressed when the water feature is filled with rock and water. Stretch the hole in the liner over the intake port and place the rubber connection collar over flared portion; tighten the stainless steel clamp over the connection collar and place the 4" grate over the inlet. At this point we suggest you put an additional layer of fabric over the top of the liner to protect it from being punctured from above.

Connecting the discharge piping
Cut a small hole in the liner where the black hose (the discharge line) will pass through, or you can lay it over the top of the liner and hide it with rock or mulch. Connect the three-valve manifold (sold separately) to the discharge pipe and place it in the water feature close to the edge. (If you have only one bubbling rock you will bypass this step.) We recommend that the first step of the entire project is to thread the 6" threaded pipe nipple onto the barbed elbow and inset it in the bottom hole in the rock(s), then seal it with a water tight material, such as black foam, allowing it to set-up overnight. When the foam has hardened, push the end of the black hose over the barbed end of the fitting and tighten the clamp.

Setting the rock or fountain
We suggest you set your rock, or fountain, on a concrete base and level it for your desired effect.


Finishing touches
Backfill with gravel, taking care not to puncture the liner. Make sure that the top edge of the liner is at least 4 inches above the finished water level in the water feature. Fold the excess liner under so that none is showing. Fill the basin and filter tank with water, plug in the pump and adjust the valves to balance your water flows. You can close the valves by two thirds without damaging the pump.

Enjoy your water feature!
Congratulations, you've successfully assembled a professional water feature that's built to last and will provide years of trouble free enjoyment, though occasionally you will have to add water and empty the filter.

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